New to Farming or Needing to Replace your old Tractor

Not sure what you need or what implements can best assist you to get jobs done faster? 

Taking the plunge to buy a new tractor or implement can be daunting and expensive it you make an incorrect decision. When you start looking for a tractor, having an extensive list of questions to ask your dealer listing ALL the applications where you want to use the tractor will be an advantage as well as considering the list below:

1. Land Size 

  • How much land do you have?  How much do you plan on working? What type of operations will you need the tractor for? ie: mowing, tilling, grading, ploughing etc

2. Priority of Tasks

  • What is the most important task you need the tractor for?

3. What is your budget

  • How much do you have to spend? How much can you afford to pay off monthly if you need finance?

4. What sort of functionality will you need

  • Do you require a loader?  4 in 1 bucket ?  2WD or 4WD?

5. How big/small a space do you require to manuevour the tractor

  • Will you need to be Manoeuvred around trees through farm gates etc ?

6. Do you require a Geared or Automatic transmission

7. Do you require a Cabin or ROPS

8. Research the brand, warranty terms and reputation of manufacturer

9. Can you trust your dealer?

  • Do you have confidence that you are being guided towards the best product for you?

10. Test drive the tractor

  • Drive it around the dealership. Ask for recommendations of other buyers that you can contact or try out there tractor on the property?